Up Loaded Badges
25 Mar 2017

Customers choosing to use their UpLoaded Badges

Please be aware that any customer who uploads their badge, should the uploaded finish display a white background this will be removed to allow the image to appear transparent on the finished plate, the transparent finish will allow the colour of both the white front number plate or the yellow rear number plate colour to show through.


We have no control over uploaded images so can I ask any customer who is unsure about the finish or look of their uploaded badge please email their image to this will allow our team to make sure the plate finish is perfect when printed.  


Flexible number plates
25 Mar 2017

Flexible number plates are thinner than a standard number plate; the plate can still be drilled for fixing and ideal if you need to bend.

We make the flexi plate using a 2 part system; the top film is still reflective.

The Plate thickness is no more than 2mm


Using our flexible material means we can create any size for you, so if you cannot see the size you are looking for, please email

How To Create Your Plate
25 Mar 2017
New HD Backgrounds now available!
25 Mar 2017

We have just updated our entire backgrounds category with new and improved HD backgrounds looking crisper and shaper than ever on your personalised plate without obscuring your number plate text. is by far the most advanced and easy to use number plate designer, which is also one of the only plate designers to offer a background facility to its customers. Consequently with all this in our arsenal and now the updated backgrounds there is only one obvious choice where to purchase your personalised number plates and show plates from –

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